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Digital Darwinism

Change is one of the few certainties in life. This document makes predictions about a broad range of emerging and converging technologies and their potential to influence the accountancy profession.

Financial insight: challenges and opportunities

Discover how the finance function can improve current approaches to business partnering. This report proposes nine pragmatic actions that can be taken to improve partnering practices.

Drivers of change: global perspective

Discover the three critical drivers of change for the global accountancy profession. This research draws on inputs from over 2,500 ACCA and IMA members to explore how the profession can be better positioned to respond to the changing needs of business.

A risk challenge culture

Risk challenge culture is a promising model for the strengthening of risk oversight. This report discusses the elements of a risk challenge culture, drawing on insights from the ACCA-IMA Accountants for Business Global Forum and ACCA-IMA roundtables.

Future pathways to finance leadership

In one of the largest studies of its kind, over 750 chief financial officers, finance directors and c-suite finance leaders responded to our global survey. The result is a unique set of insights from today's finance leaders on the developments shaping future finance leadership.

Tomorrow's finance enterprise

What are the key influences shaping the future role of the CFO and tomorrow’s finance enterprise? Discover what we see as the issues that will make or break future CFO success.