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The data revolution

How will big data affect businesses over the next 5 to 10 years, and what opportunities and challenges will it create for the accountancy profession? This report identifies and explores the big data trends likely to affect the accountancy profession globally in the coming years.

Blog: What happens after the data revolution? Data governance

Today’s business environment is undergoing a total makeover… a revolution. And data plays a central role in that revolution.

SoMoClo technologies

Now is the time for finance to take the lead in SoMoClo as it breaks down corporate silos and enables the creation of a more flexible and agile finance function. This report explores the challenges and opportunities of SoMoClo for finance professionals as the coming together of social, mobile and cloud technologies transforms how and where business takes place.

Blog: SoMoClo technologies

Chris Mishler, Chair of the IMA technology solutions and practices committees, discusses the pros and cons of SoMoClo technologies for accountants.